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SEND Friends, relationships and community

Being a teenager and moving into adulthood is an exciting time. Making close, personal relationships with others and being part of your communities is important. Having close friends and being part of a social group helps a person to grow and become more independent from family or carers. Having strong community connections help you access networks of support, information and services.

It can be difficult as well as exciting. You might find yourself taking on new responsibilities as you become more independent. There are often new things to think about, such as:

  • how to stay in touch with people and be there for others
  • how to get out and about to meet friends regularly
  • how to stay safe and what to do if you’re being bullied
  • what groups are out there that can help you
  • how you can make your voice heard and let others know what you would like in life
  • how to be more involved in things you are interested in


Where can I go, what can I do?

In Leisure and social opportunities you will find information about activities and events in Trafford for all ages. There are a number of youth groups out there where you can go to meet others in a friendly place and do lots of different things such as computer games, music or even gardening! You can always check with the group first if you’re unsure if it is suitable for you.

How do I get out and about to meet people?

Please take a look at Transport section for more details on travel. This includes information on travel training that may be able to help you use public transport safely on your own, or with friends.  

You might want to use your personal budget or direct payment to help you get out and about. This could be having a PA to help you use public transport or to drive you. See Personal budgets.

Using the internet

Very many young people now make friends and join groups over the internet. This gives you a chance to connect with others, both in your local area as well across the world! There are many different places you can go to online. Popular sites for young adults are Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

If you can use the internet you will be able to access time online at school or at college. You can also get online at youth groups, through Connexions or at your local library.

If you need special equipment to use the internet, ask your school or college if they can help you. You can also look at other funds to pay for this equipment, or you can use your personal budget, direct payment or other benefits if you get them.

If you use the internet at home, you can explore a vast world of information and opportunity from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. It is important however that you stay safe.

What can I do if I’m being bullied or feeling sad?

If you are ever unsure about anything, or are feeling bullied or sad there are many people and groups out there that can support you. This includes anything that happens when you are online. Please see our Bullying section for more information.

If you are feeling upset at school or college, you can always talk to an adult you trust. This could be a teacher, teaching assistant, your PA or anybody else you feel comfortable with. The important thing is that you feel you can tell them what is upsetting you.

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