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Local offer feedback: surveys and workshop activities

Workshop Activity: Your Top Three

What's in your top 3?

At Trafford Parent's Forum launch we asked a simple question:

From your experiences - what you would you say were the top three key pieces of information you have been given, or found out about?

Responses included:

  • "Parent Support Advisor"
  • "Information and guidance about DLA eligibility I found out from other parents"
  • "Feedback on other parent's experiences of health professionals"
  • "Huge differences in attitudes / approaches to SEN within local schools - wish there was a way getting impartial and realistic feedback"
  • "Jargon Buster - used by Boomerang in helping to fill out forms"
  • "NAS courses on sensory needs"
  • "Incredible Years courses - life changing info given to me by my health visitor 5 years ago"
  • "The nursery teacher suggested my daughter had selective mutism - this led to a paediatrician then speech therapy"
  • "My daughter has had varous courses of homeopathy which lead to noticable imrovements like making eye contact and having bowel control"

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You can still have your say about Your Top Three through:

It is always useful to know what is important to you and helps us to check we have the sorts of information you want to see within our local offer.

Survey: Young person's local offer

At the end of 2013 we asked young people what sort of information they would like to see in a local offer specifically written for them. 110 young people responded.

  • The most important area of information they wanted including on their local offer was around Family and Relationships.
  • The most important thing to them was Money and Personal Budgets.
  • The most popular way of getting this information was by using a website on a computer, though video content also scored highly.

Trafford's Youth Channel was launched in June 2015.

You can view our local offer written for, and involving young people with SEND at our Preparing For Adulthood pages.

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If you are a young person, or know of a young person who would like to be more involved in helping us get this information right, please contact us.

Survey: SEND information day

Information Day

We spoke to a lot of people at the SEND information day which took place on 18 March 2015. The sort of questions we asked people on the day included:

1. How easy can you find information on the Local Offer?

2. Are there any words you have used in a search which didn't bring back any results, or returned the wrong things?

3. Are there any 'gaps' that you are aware of that could help us better develop services or activities that meet your or your family's needs?

4. How do you think we can further develop or review the local offer?

You can see the range of answers we received, and all that what we have done in response, within the main Feedback page.

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You can still have your say about the Local Offer through:

Survey: Top Ten Key Questions and Answers

Parent carers have often told us that they would like to see a Top Ten Key Questions and Answers document.

At the SEND Information Day we asked for people's top 3 questions they want to see answered and entered any responses into a prize draw to win a Trafford Centre voucher:

  • Where can I find?
  • What do people think of?
  • How do you keep your information up to date?
  • How can I add / recommend a service?
  • What is the threshold for EHC / Social / Health budgets?
  • What services are available for children of X ages?
  • Parent carer forum?
  • How do I get a paper-based form for an EHCP?
  • Is there an easy contact to ring for help?

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You can still have your say about the Local Offer through:

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