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Did you know that there is no cost to you to promote your activity, event, group or service on Trafford Directory?

And with around 60,000 site visits every month you will be getting your information out there to a large audience of people in the Trafford area, all for free! 


Already registered?

If you already have an account with Trafford Directory you can login using your email and password to add a new listing (subject to our Registered User Policy) or amend a current listing.


Who we are


Trafford Directory

Trafford Directory holds a wide range of information, events and advice supporting residents across Trafford. The website is easy to use, responsive and available 24 hours day.

Our Directory forms the published version of Trafford's Local Offer which supports Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and who are Disabled.

We also have a dedicated Young People's channel and will continue to work with young people in Trafford to develop this channel.

The Adult Social Care channel has lots of information about social care assessments for adults and older people, and the services that may be available to support your needs.


Trafford Family Information Service

Trafford Family Information Service (FIS) is a free and impartial service for local residents. We run a helpline from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm and are responsible for the Trafford Directory website. We are part of Trafford Council's Children, Family and Wellbeing service.


Why should I register?

In addition to receiving ~60,000 hits per month to the website, new services or activities are often promoted on our Facebook page and Twitter profile to a wide range of families and businesses. If you include your own social media details on your listing we will also Follow and Like you!  

As well as appearing on our Directory website, we may also signpost your listing to callers of the Trafford Family Information Service helpline, which receives several hundred callers each month. 

Once registered you can also save your own shortlist search and leave ratings / reviews on your favourite listings.


How to register

The Register link can be found at the top right hand corner of Trafford Directory.

There is a simple form to complete and all required fields are marked with a red asterisk(*). The information you provide in the form will not be visible on the website.

Your account details are held privately by Trafford Family Information Service who moderate the website and your email will be used only for system generated emails, such as reminders to check your details are still correct.

Once you have submitted your details, you will receive an email to the inbox you registered with.

This email contains a 6-digit activation code which you must enter in order to validate and activate your account.

The validation email code expires within 15 minutes. If you need help with activating your account please contact us.

If you have not received the validation email, please check it has not been filtered into your junk or spam mail folder.


Signing in and using my account 

The Register / Login link can be found at the top right hand corner of the screen.

To sign in, please enter the email you used to register your account and the password you set.


Forgotten your password? 

If you forget your password you can click on the "Forgotten your password?" link on the login page. Enter the email address you registered your account with and press 'Reset password'.

This will send a system generated password to the inbox of your email. Go to the login page, enter your email address again and carefully enter or paste in your temporary password.

Once logged in, you can change your password to something memorable to you by clicking 'Change your password' in the left hand side bar.

You can also change your account details, including the email you sign in with, by clicking 'Update your profile'. Please note this doesn't change any information visible on the website, only your registered account details held by the system.  


How to add / update / delete my listing

Once you have logged in you can view any listings you have linked to your registered account, or you can create a new listing by clicking on "Add or update your listing".


Add a new listing

To add a new listing click on the '+ Add a new listing' link. The record you create will automatically be linked to your registered account.


Claim a listing

If you know that a service or activity you run is already live on the website, and you would like to update the details, you can claim a listing.

When signed in you will see this button at the bottom of the live listing, under Provider Updates: "Apply here to be able to update this record. You may be contacted by our team to process your application."

This will send a request to us at the Family Information Service and these are typically processed within one working day. We wil contact you if we have any queries.  


Update or Delete your listing

If you have a listing already linked to your registered account you will see the details in the 'Add or update your listing' section. 'Service Status' lets you know whether the listing is currently live and is visible on the website, or has expired and is no longer visible on the website.

  • To update any of your listings click on the 'Actions' button and select Update Record from the drop down list.
  • Selecting View Record will show you the listing as it is shown on the website.
  • Selecting Delete Record will delete that listing.  



We hope that you find our system easy to use to add, update and remove any listings on your account. We've provided a number of Frequently Asked Questions below to help you find quick answers to the most popular queries.


 Q: When will my new listing or update appear on the site?

A: All changes must first be approved before they appear on the site. We aim to check the updates daily (Monday to Friday). Once accepted they usually appear on the website within 30 minutes. If your changes have not appeared after this time, please let us know and we will look into it.

As well as appearing on our Directory, your details of your listing may also be provided to callers of the Trafford Family Information Service, therefore more people will be informed of your listing with us.


 Q: Who will see my listing?

A: As well as appearing on our Directory, your details of your listing may also be provided to callers to the Trafford Family Information Service, therefore more people will be informed of your listing with us.


 Q: Where will my listing appear?

A: All listings are categorised by our team to ensure your listing appears in the right place on our Directory. You can also provide keywords about your service when adding or updating the record. In the relevant box, add some keywords seperated by a comma to allow your listing to appear in search results.


Q: What types of details should I provide on my listing?

A: The Directory is designed to provide information on local services, activities and organisations which serve the Trafford area. If you're not sure what to write, why not look at other listings on the site similar to your listing for some inspiration!

Please note that new listings are accepted subject to our Registered User Policy.

 Please see Quality assurance of directory listings page for further explanation.


 Q: How much does it cost to add / edit my listing?

A: Trafford Directory is a free service, providing impartial advice and guidance to the Trafford area.

There is no charge to add or edit your listing on our Directory.


Q: My question hasn't been answered - who can I contact?

A: If you haven't found the answer you're looking for, please contact us and we'll try and help you.

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