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EHC for Parent Carers - Transfer Reviews

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For independent advice and guidance about the transfer review process, contact Trafford Parent and Young People Partnership or Trafford Independent Support Service. 

Our parent guides have been written by the EHC Team with input from Trafford Parent Forum and a range of other services. We are always looking for ways to improve our information so if you have any comments, please let us know by filling in our feedback form.


Why is a Transfer Review Happening?

The law on supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) changed back in September 2014. The new law means that parents, carers and young people have more opportunities to express their own views and make some choices about what happens. We now assess and decide whether to issue an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. This is instead of a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA). Whether you are transferred to an EHC Plan depends on your child or young person’s level of need. The transfer of Statements into EHC Plans will be a gradual process that will take place at key transition points. We have until 2018 to carry this out. 

Read more in the Parent Guide to Transfer Reviews.

Preparing for the Meeting

You will be invited to attend a meeting around week 7 – 8 of the transfer review process. Your EHC Coordinator will be there and this is a good opportunity to get to know them. The meeting will be person centred, allowing you and your child to voice your views. 

Read more in the Parent Guide to Preparing for the Meeting.

Personal Budgets

The Children and Families Act says there are 2 key points when a parent or young person is entitled to ask for a personal budget:

  1. When the draft EHC plan is being prepared
  2. When the EHC plan is being reviewed or re-assessed

Young people that have an EHC plan and have completed Year 11 have the right to request a personal budget in their own right.

Read more in the SEND Personal Budgets page.

What to Expect and When

As you go through the transfer review process, it is important you know what to expect and when. 

Read more in our Parent Guide What to Expect and When.


These are the forms you will need during the transfer review process. The school will inform you about the dates and help you with the forms.

If your child is in Year 6 you will also need:

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