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Transport and Travel Assistance

Special Educational Needs and Disability


School bus service

If you can access school buses without additional support then Transport for Greater Manchester has a document listing all school bus services in Trafford.

Trafford all age travel assistance policy

The Council provides travel assistance to eligible children, young people and adults who live in the borough of Trafford. There are a number of different types of travel assistance which can assist with getting to school, college or social care setting. The Council’s aim is to provide assistance in a consistent and equitable way in order to help people achieve maximum possible independence and at the same time to make reasonable and most efficient use of the Council’s resources.

For more information on the eligibility criteria and travel options available please view the All Age Travel Assistance Information.

The Council provides travel assistance to the following groups:

Independent travel training

Certain courses can help give you the skills for travelling on your own, or with friends. Trafford Council run Independent Travel Training for young people who meet the criteria. Other local support organisations often run life skills courses that includes help with transport. You can find more information in the Independant Travel Training video:

Community transport

Community transport offers a number of different ways for people who would otherwise be unable to get out and about to visit shops and other local amenities. Find out community transport in Trafford.

Blue badge

If you want to learn how to drive, you may be able to get a blue badge. This will let you park closer to where you are going.

Disabled parking bay

You may be entitled to a disabled parking bay near your home. A disabled parking bay is outlined on the road with white lines and enables you to park near to your house.

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