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If you are finding it difficult to manage at home, are caring for someone and need some support, or are concerned about someone who may be at risk then contact Trafford Adult Social Services - Community Screening Team

If you live in Trafford and are aged over 18, the team can carry out a needs assessment.


What is a needs assessment?

A needs assessment is a chance for us to look at your social care needs and work with you to find out which services will best help you to maintain your wellbeing and independence. We work with local health providers, voluntary organisations and/or private companies to help you get the support you need.

We will always carry out a needs assessment before arranging any care. There is no charge for a needs assessment. We will find out what your communication preferences are before beginning an assessment.

If you are having a lot of difficulty with the assessment, you may be able to have help from someone, called an Advocate. See Speaking for you for more information.


How do I arrange a needs assessment?

Contact Trafford Council online to arrange a needs assessment and get support from adult social care services - visit the Adult Social Care portal.


Who is eligible?

Under the Care Act 2014 there is a list of criteria which social care professionals use to assess whether someone is eligible for support from adult social care. The person will have eligible needs if they meet all of the following:

  • they have care and support needs as a result of a physical or a mental condition
  • because of those needs, they cannot achieve two or more of the outcomes specified
  • as a result, there is a significant impact on their wellbeing

The outcomes are nationally recognised and include people’s day-to-day outcomes such as dressing maintaining personal relationships, and working or going to school. These Department of Health factsheets have more information.


What if I'm not eligible for help?

If you’re not eligible for care and support from us, we’ll put you in touch with other organisations that may be able to help.


What happens at an assessment?

We will contact you by phone to talk about the help you need. We might also talk to your family and friends or get information from professionals who already support you, such as your GP, district nurse or occupational therapist.

We will then make a decision about your needs. We might:

  • Give you information and advice about help and support in your community
  • Refer you to the One Stop Resource Centre if you need equipment.
  • Refer you to reablement.
  • Arrange longer term support.


What happens after the needs assessment?

If you are eligible for care and support from us, we’ll list all your needs in an assessment summary and agree a support plan with you. Your support plan will cover:

  • What help you will get and who will provide it
  • When help will start
  • How often you will get help
  • Contact details of the team who make sure you get help
  • When reviews will take place to make sure we’re still meeting your needs
  • Details of care needs that can’t be met and why
  • What to do if you’re unhappy with the service


What if I disagree with the assessor's decision?

If you do not agree with the decision you can contact our customer relationship team for advice and support.


What happens if I'm in hospital?

Trafford Council have social workers supporting people in Wythenshawe Hospital, Trafford General and Salford Royal hospitals. If you are at another hospital please contact the Community Screening Team

If you think you need support after leaving hospital you can ask a doctor or nurse to refer you to the social work team. A social worker will talk to you and the people supporting you to find out if you need support at home. The social worker might:

  • Arrange with the occupational therapist to have equipment in your home ready for when you leave hospital.
  • Arrange for support from reablement. This might be in your home or at the assessment centre in Sale called Ascot House.


What is reablement?

You might get help from the reablement team while you are being assessed. The reablement team will support you, or the person you are contacting us about, to maintain or increase independence, focusing on strengths. This will include an assessment for telecare, which is also known as assistive technology.

The reablement support during the assessment period is free and may last for up to a maximum of six weeks.

The assessment will be focused, wherever possible, on returning home. This might be because you have been in hospital. We will ensure that, if you return home, you get the support you are assessed as needing. However, if returning home is not possible, we will help you to find a residential or nursing home.

You may have reablement in the home, or at the Council’s assessment centre. The 24 hour assessment centre is at Ascot House in Sale.  You may be at Ascot House for up to six weeks.


Will I have to pay for my care?

You may have to pay something towards your support. We will do a financial assessment to work out how much you should pay. If you choose not to have a financial assessment then you will need to pay all the cost of your care.


What if my needs change?

We aim to reassess your needs every year. You can also ask us for a care review if your needs change.


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Last updated: 16/07/2021

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