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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Testing

Testing is crucial is stopping the spread of Covid. It is crucial that anyone with symptoms gets tested for Covid. The key symptoms are:

  1. A high temperature
  2. A new, continuous cough
  3. A loss/change in your sense of smell or taste

How to Book a Test

You can get a test by booking online or by ringing 119.

It is free to get a test.

In order to get tested you can go to a testing site or book a home testing kit. There are a number of different types of testing sites available to you –

  • Drive Through Sites – If you have a car you can drive to these sites. You will be given the testing pack in the car. Some of these sites are larger with long opening hours and some of these are temporary mobile sites and are just open during the day. The closest larger sites for Trafford are Manchester Airport or the Etihad Stadium. There will also sometimes be a mobile site available at Stretford. More details are below. 
  • Walk Through Sites – You walk through these sites and complete testing at a testing booth. You can still drive to these sites, but will need to park up close by and walk in. The walk through sites in Trafford are at Trafford Park and Partington.

If you are not able to get to a testing sites you can order a home testing kit which will be sent to your house. You can find out more about how to take a coronavirus self test swab in this useful video. 

If you need help in booking a test you can call the Coronavirus Testing Call Centre on 119.

Important Information 

You need to self-isolate for 10 days for the following reasons:

  • If you develop symptoms – You must get tested immediately. If the result is positive, you should continue your 10 day self-isolation from the day when symptoms first started. If the result is negative, you no longer need to self-isolate.
  • If a household member is symptomatic – You will need to self-isolate for 10 days if a household member develops symptoms. The household member must book a test immediately. If the result is positive, the household should continue the 10 day self-isolation from the day when symptoms first started. If the result is negative, the household no longer needs to self-isolate.

If contacted by Test & Trace - You may also be asked to self-isolate by Test & Trace if they have been a contact of a positive case. In this instance they have to self-isolate for 10 days.

Walk in Sites

We have two walk in sites (sometimes called Local Testing Sites) in Trafford.

  1. Trafford Park - At the car park off Eleventh Street in Trafford Park near to the Village Metrolink stop
  2. Partington - At the old Moss View Road school.

They are both walk-in sites. This means you can either walk up to the site if you are based close by, or drive near to the site and park up locally. The sites are available 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm. You will need to book to access the sites.

Mobile Testing Units

A Mobile Testing Unit in Trafford will be available at the Trafford House Car Park in Stretford (next to The Bishop Blaize pub) on the following dates:  


  • Monday 04 until Friday 08.
  • Monday 11 until Friday 15.

You will need to book an appointment on the website or ring the number above first. You can “walk in” to the service, if you can do that safely, rather than coming by car.

We will let you know as more dates and sites are put in place for local testing.