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Speech and language support in early years

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

If you are worried about your child’s speech and language, you should raise this with your health visitor or your early years setting.  



WellComm is a speech and language toolkit for assessing children in the early years, from 6 months old. It plays a crucial role in identifying children with potential language difficulties.

It offers a range of customised intervention activities to help support language development, known as the Big Book of Ideas. The activities are all designed to be fun, friendly and engaging to help improve language skills, whatever the age or ability of the child.

The toolkit uses a traffic light system that clearly identifies children requiring immediate intervention, as well as those who show potential language difficulties. If your child is assessed as red, this is likely to result in a referral being made to the speech and language team, as well as intervention activities. For amber, intervention activities will be suggested in the first instance.

In Trafford, Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses, Children’s Centre Workers and early years practitioners in schools and settings have been trained in WellComm.


Trafford Assessment of Speech Sounds (TASS)

The Trafford Assessment of Speech Sounds (TASS) is designed to assess and gather information on a child’s production of consonants in various word positions and can be delivered by parents as well as education and health staff.

This assessment consists of a set of 60 pictures and is ordered in a developmental order. The assessment also includes a photocopiable, easy-to-use scoring sheet to complete in the assessment.

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Giving Voice Accreditation

The Early Years Learning and Development Team in partnership with Trafford Speech and Language Therapy Service co-ordinates the Trafford Giving Voice Accreditation award. Early years settings are able to achieve bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards by attending specific courses and embedding practice to raise standards and quality.

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Speech and language therapy service

Pre-Referral Advice Line: 07917 264 975

Pre-School Children (0-5 years) please call on Wednesday between 9am and 11am.

If you are concerned about a child’s speech, language or communication development and would like some advice or information on how to make a referral, give us a ring and speak to a member of the Speech and Language Therapy team.

We have dedicated times for children of all ages so please ensure that you call at the appropriate time.

Please be aware that there is no voicemail facility and you may need to be patient whilst you wait to speak to our team.

If the child is already known to our service, we would advise you to contact the child’s Speech and Language Therapist or our admin team on 0161 912 2592 or

Please remember that you can also send us a message and find useful information via our Facebook page.

In a very few cases, if there are significant concerns or your child is not making progress following these interventions your health visitor, community nursery nurse or early years practitioner will make a referral to the speech and language therapy service.

You can find more advice and activity sheets on the speech and language therapy page