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Local offer feedback 2019-2020

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Trafford’s Local Offer first went live way back in 2014 – such a long time ago! Since then it has undergone many changes mainly because of things you have said to us.

Find out:

How to have your say

How else do we get to hear your views

You Said We Did

What we changed in 2019


How to have your say 

We listen closely to the feedback we receive through surveys, workshops, conferences, focus groups and community outreach work. Your opinions are always welcome. 

We will continue to seek your views on the Local Offer here in Trafford. If you want to have your say please feel free to contact us:

You can sign into the Directory to rate and review the quality and accessiblity of any services you have used and these comments are published online.  If you think there are any services  that are needed in Trafford and not currently provided you can use the feedback function to let us know.


Other ways in which we get feedback


Trafford Family Information Service Outreach Team regularly attend school and early years events, open days, coffee mornings and parent evenings to promote the Local Offer and SEND Information. They respond to enquiries, provide guidance on how to use the directory and the local offer and record feedback. If you would like to invite the team to attend a forthcoming event or activity please get in touch.

The Outreach team have received outstanding feedback this year:

"Thank you for organising the visitors today. The parents were very complimentary and it was great for them to hear about the support the different services can offer." JW (School SENCO)

"Thank you for giving your presentation yesterday at our Team Meeting.  It was very helpful – especially about The Local Offer and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability).JD (Health Visitor)

The SEND Communication and Engagement Group

Plans and coordinates an ongoing programme of engagement with children and young people who have special educational needs or who are disabled (SEND), as well as their parents and carers. 

The group provides a forum for parent groups, young people and professionals to come together to share and discuss feedback on the local offer and identify areas for improvement.

Membership includes representatives from Trafford Parent and Young People Partnership, Trafford Parent's Forum, Trafford Council Commissioning, youth engagement, and a range of key professionals from health and social care who are involved in providing support to children and young people with SEND.

Find out more about the SEND Communication and Engagement group.  Meeting minutes are published online so that you can view feedback received and actions taken. 

Professionals working with families

We attend meetings and training events with multiagency professionals to promote the local offer, train professionals in how best to use the offer to support famlies and identify any areas for improvement.

Feedback from teams that we have engaged with:

" I thought the presentation was pitched at the right level giving enough information. It was good to know re: SMS, language changes and that we can utilise social media." Children's Therapy Team

" It was very informative and useful. Thank you for coming along. Hopefully they will start to be more aware now of the local offer and share this with our parents and carers." Children's Community Nursing Team

Parent carer groups

We meet with parent carers regularly at events and have good working relationships with Trafford Parent Forum and Trafford Parent and Young People Partnership Service.

Young People

We regularly hold stalls to promote the local offer and the Young People area  at Trafford Youth Conferences, Let's Talk SEND Conferences and events related to preparing for adulthood.

Social Media

We use social media to promote the Local Offer and invite users to provide feedback.  We have an annual week long campaign dedicated to the Local Offer.

National Recognition

Trafford Family Information Service were awarded the Families First Quality Award for defining, delivering and improving Information for Families 2019.

An independent audit carried out by Mott McDonald on Local Offer SEN Support found that Trafford Local Offer was an example of best practice specifically "in being able to state whether you are a practitioner, parent or young person. This then tailors the website content and language."


You Said We Did

The Link Newsletter

This is our termly newsletter to keep parent carers and professional up to date on all things SEND including local activities, services and support. 

Through this newsletter we aim to highlight any changes to local processes and services we've made in response to feedback received, either directly or through the Communication and Engagement Group.

Read current or past editions of the Link Newsletter.


What we changed in 2019-2020

We never stop working to make your Local Offer better for you to use.  Here is a rundown of some of the most recent changes we have made in response to your feedback:

Coronavirus Resources

We have created a comprehensive resource for those looking for advice and support during these challenging times.  We have provided up to date information on the services that ae running and how to access them and we have comunicated government guidance to SEND families via the Local Offer and the social media chennels.

We have also provided downloadable Reasonable Adjustment Request which can be produced if someone is challenged for not wearing a mask which has been well received by parents.

Feedback received from a practitioner working with families in the Coronavirus SEND page  "I am really impressed with what you have put together on the Local Offer."

Link Newsletter

The Link newsletter, which now has over 500 subscribers, has been redesigned with a fresh, new look and will now be available as web content as well as a printable document.  There is a pop up notification on the SEND Local Offer home page encouraging users to sign up.  The newsletter continues to receive very positive feedback form parents and practitioners.

Information on Schools

Parents requested more information on specialist school provision in Trafford.

In response we have updated the I am a parent carer area to include information on specialist primary schools, specialist secondary schools and small specialist classes.

Graduated Approach - guide for parent carers and young people

In reponse to requests from parents and practitioners we have produced an easy read guide to the Trafford Graduated Approach.  This has been very well received by parent carers and professionals working with families.  A web version of the guide is now also available on the Local Offer.

Some of the comments we have received:

"I just wanted to say well done to ... the Team for the production of the excellent booklet for parent carers and YPs and Trafford’s Graduated Approach – it’s a really lovely piece of work and will be so helpful for a lot of Trafford families" B (practitioner)

"Just wanted to feedback to you regarding the new publication.  As a parent of an SEN child I would have found this guide invaluable.  It is well clear, concise and would suit any reading style with lots of white space and visuals.

I particularly found the EHC Assessment section useful as I think a lot of parents get lost in this process."  C (parent)

Early Years Graduated Approach

A dedicated section has been created in the I am a Practitioner area for early years providers to access information on the Early Years Graduated Approach.

Independent Travel Training 

Finally, we have worked with the Independent Travel Training team to produce videos for young people and their parent carers.  

The training is designed to help young people to get more out of life by giving them the skills and confidence they need to travel independently by public transport. 

Our videos will help to promote awareness of the service amongst young people with SEND and their parent carers.

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