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Having a coronavirus test easy read visual guide

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Having a Coronavirus Test

We have put together an easy read guide for parent carers to help you prepare your child or young person should they need to have a test for Covid-19. 

For a visual story guide see My Special Coronavirus Test story.  


Do I need a test

If I have a cough that doesn’t go away or a high temperature, or if my family think they need to, they will phone NHS 111 or my doctor.

NHS 111 or my doctor might say I need to have a test for Covid-19, the Coronavirus.

I may go to a test centre or I might have to do the test at home. It depends on what the NHS say is the best way for me.


Going to a Test Centre

If I go to a test centre I will probably be driven there.

I might have to go into the test centre for the test.

I might have to stay in the car.

Either is okay.

The people at the test centre will be wearing masks and gloves.

They may be wearing visors over their faces. These are called PPE, personal protective equipment.

This is okay. There are friendly NHS staff under them.

NHS staff wearing PPE

When the doctor or medical worker is testing me, they will use a swab.

A swab is a long, thin stick with cotton wool at the end.

Image of a swab stick and girl having test

They will probably put the swab up my nose and rub the inside of my nose.

They might put the swab in my mouth and rub the inside of my throat.

This might feel a bit strange or tickly. I might not like the feeling of this, and that is okay. It will be over very quickly, and the doctor or medical worker needs to do this to check if I am unwell.

I can help by keeping very still and tipping my head back if I am asked.

After the test they will put it in a container to be taken to be tested.

Here you can see a video of the governor of New York in the USA having the test:

When it is time to go, I will drive away from the test centre.

well done emoji


Having the test at home

Sometimes, people might have to have the test at home.

It will be the same except at home and not at a clinic and my Mum or Dad may do it instead of a medical worker.

Then they will post the test to the NHS in a special envelope to be tested.



I will usually find out if I have Covid-19 in two days or less.

During this time, I should still be careful to wash my hands and self-isolate.

If the test shows I do not have Covid-19, I still must be very careful with washing my hands, keep 2 metres distance from people outside my house and only going outside when I have to.

Keep 1 bicycle width apart

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