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EHC for Schools - Transfer Reviews (TR)

By 1 April 2018 we must transfer all children and young people with Statements of SEN to the new SEND system. 

To do this, we must conduct a Transfer Review. This is an EHC needs assessment in accordance with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. To ensure that EHC plans are person centred and focused on outcomes, an EHC plan must only be issued following a Transfer Review. 

We expect that all those who have a statement and who would have continued to have one under the old system will be transferred to an EHC Plan. No one should lose their statement simply because the system is changing.


Transfer Plan

View the transfer plan which describes the timescales for the transfers in autumn term 2017.


  • TRS Transfer Review Summary
  • TR1 Child/young person report
  • TR2 Parent/carer and family report
  • TR3 People who are involved with our family
  • TR4 Educational setting report
  • TR4a Communication and interaction
  • TR4b Cognition and learning
  • TR4c Social, emotional and mental health
  • TR4d Physical and sensory
  • TR4e Preparation for key transitions
  • TR4f Next phase transition planning
  • TR4g Preparation for adulthood (year 9 and above only)

Download Transfer Review Forms TRS and TR1-TR4

Transfer review post meeting summary

This form is for completion during and after the transfer review meeting to record any further outcomes and provision suggested for the next key stage that are different to that provided before the meeting. The summary will help provide a much better quality EHCP if the meeting information is recorded in this way.

Download Transfer review post meet summary TR5

Transfer review meeting agenda

This agenda is based on the principles of a person-centred approach and is designed so the information shared can be easily transferred into the new EHC Plan.

Download Transfer review meeting agenda TR6

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