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Quality assurance of directory listings


We are often asked if all the listings on our directory are quality assured. Any local group, activity or service can register for free on our directory, subject to our Registered User Policy (below). This helps increase the information about what is available in Trafford. The way a service or activity is carried out is the responsibility of each service provider and any problems would be best raised directly with the provider themselves. 

However, there are some indicators of a certain level of quality used on our website. When you are looking at search results, you will see some search filters on the left of your screen. One of them is for Quality and you will see the following options:

  • Approved by Trafford
  • Commissioned by Trafford
  • CQC Registered
  • Ofsted Registered


Approved by Trafford

  • These are services delivered by organisations on one of Trafford’s commissioning frameworks
  • The providers have undergone checks and meet a required level of quality
  • Checks relate to things like insurance cover, finance, safeguarding procedures and staff training.
  • Satisfactory references have been provided and they have shown evidence that they are able to work in and know Trafford.

Commissioned by Trafford

  • These are services which have been commissioned by Trafford
  • This means Trafford pay for and monitor the service
  • Commissioned services have to go through the same checks as services which are Approved by Trafford, plus a further stage of checks.
  • They have to apply and prove they can provide a specific service that meets the identified need
  • Service users and professionals can be involved in scoring these applications

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registered

  • This is for health and social care providers such as residential homes, nursing home and homecare who are independently regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • You will find CQC grades included in individual listings, with links to inspection reports
  • You can use search filters to narrow your search results to providers who have achieved a particular grade

Ofsted Registered

  • This is for schools and early years providers who are independently regulated and inspected by Ofsted
  • You will find Ofsted grades included in individual listings, with links to inspection reports
  • You can use search filters to narrow your search results to providers who have achieved a particular grade

Registered user policy

1.            Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to provide an understanding of the registered users and content on the Trafford Service Directory.

Trafford Service Directory is an online directory of information about: local clubs, societies, community and voluntary organisations, childcare providers and services.

We do not charge users who are looking for information or maintaining a record on the directory.


2.            Objective

To provide unbiased and impartial information about organisations and services who support people of all ages across Trafford and beyond.

Trafford Service Directory is not an online business directory. We work to maintain the directory to the highest standard possible, but responsibility for the accuracy of the information rests with the registered user. 


3.            Statutory duties

All Local authorities have a duty to provide information, advice and assistance under the following legislative acts:



4.            Who is eligible to be registered?

Voluntary and statutory organisations

Commercial or profit-making organisations may be listed if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • they are community based or represent a significant all aged approach contribution to the local community
  • they provide goods, activities or services that help people to maintain their independence, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote well-being
  • they offer opportunities to participate in cultural activities
  • they can evidence a specialism that will benefit a person who has Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND)


5.           Disclaimer

Trafford Council reserves the right to refuse access to join Trafford Service Directory, terminate accounts, remove or edit content. You are responsible for maintaining information held within your directory listing, and the details you provide should be accurate and up to date. Content which we feel may be harmful to our users or to our reputation may be removed without warning.

If you are a Childcare Provider or Care Provider registered with either Ofsted or the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we receive an information feed from these organisations direct into our systems about your basic details. Contact and registration information is kept up to date at those sources, and you will need to inform them of any changes. It is not Trafford Council’s responsibility to ensure this information is accurate.  

Failure to maintain and update your listing may result in the termination of your account and removal of your information.

Trafford Council cannot be held responsible for content from external links to registered users accounts.

If your information has been included on Trafford Service Directory and you would like it removed you must send an email to

Trafford Council's decision is final.

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