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SEND Social care local offer


Children and young people

Social Care

If your child has a disability and you are interested in short breaks activities through Trafford Council, see Short Breaks for further information and a link to the application form you need to complete.

If you think your disabled child needs support from social care services, you can contact the Multi Agency Referral and Assessment Team (MARAT) for an assessment. You will then be seen by either the SEND Local Offer Adviser or Social Care Reviewng Officer. You may find people like health visitors, GPs or school staff will suggest a referral to social care. If you hold parental responsibility, this referral can only be done after you agree to it unless the child or young person involved is at risk of harm.

Whether or not you receive social care support depends on many factors and what level of need your child is assessed at. Children have varying needs that change over time and this should be taken into account at the time of each referral. Find out more about the Trafford threshold criteria for social care support.


If you are age 18 and over contact the Community Screening Team to request an assessment of your needs. See Social care support in the adults and older people section to find out more about social care packages for adults.

Moving from children's to adult's social care

If you get support from any children’s social care workers they will help you make contact with adult services as you approach your 18th birthday.  This will make sure you make the transition to adult services in time.  Adult services will then do an assessment to see what your needs are.

Adult care and support

Under the Care Act 2014 we must provide information and advice on the adult social care support system. We have developed an Adult Social Care section of the service directory over the past couple of months.

This section of the website is being developed so that people will be able to complete a self-assessment, for either themselves or someone they care for, that will indicate if the individual would be likely to receive support from Adult Social Care. There will be an additional financial assessment and advice about costs.

It also signposts adults and older people to a wide range of advice about local services and how to access them. 

Childcare and leisure activities

Short breaks may also available. If you are a carer of a disabled child or young person, these are designed to give you a break from caring responsibilities, whilst giving your child access to leisure and social opportunities in a supportive environment with their peers. 

To find out more, including whether your family is eligible for short breaks, please see personal social care budgets.

View short breaks providers.

Support for parent carers

If you are a parent, carer or young person that needs help, information or support around the whole system for assessing and planning for children and young people with special education needs and disability, there are many organisations that could support you.

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