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SEND Short breaks

Short Breaks range from going to the local arts and crafts group through to having specially trained carers coming to your home. The type of short break depends on the child or young person's needs, and the needs of the rest of your family. The Short breaks duty statement is published every year to set out the provision that is available in Trafford. Short breaks are managed through a set of guidelines called the eligibility criteria. These are based on the support needs of the child or young person. There are 4 different levels or tiers.


Tier 1 - Universal

Child/young person requires no additional support to access provision.  Parent carers pay for these activities and you should discuss any additional requirements with the providers directly. See Things to do for children and families and Things to do for young people.

Tier 2 - Targeted

Child/young person requires more targeted support to access a short break. These services are targeted solely at disabled children and young people. Short breaks at this level can be accessed directly or through referral from the Complex and Additional Needs (CAN) team. The provider of the service will carry out an assessment and help you decide if the provision is suitable for you and your child or young person. The local authority commission this type of short break. Parent carers may have to pay a subsidised rate. See Tier 2 - targeted.

Tier 3 and 4 – Specialist

Child/young person requires specialist short break support identified through assessment by our Complex and Additional Needs (CAN) team. This could be done by either a Social Worker or a health professional. The local authority pays for these short breaks through a personal budget. You may also be able to access support from these organisations privately. Tier 4 could include residential placements and overnight provision. See Tier 3 and 4 - Specialist.

Developing short breaks in the future - get involved!

Trafford Council recently led a review of the existing short breaks and the eligibility criteria. We worked closely with Trafford Parents Forum, representatives from the CAN Team and Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). If you’d like to know more about this work, please take a look at the short breaks review executive summary. If you would like to be more involved in this work going forward, please get in touch with Trafford Parents Forum.

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