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Local offer feedback - website functions and accessibility of local offer

Here you will find any feedback, and how we have responded, about the way the website works and about the accessibility of the local offer - both online and via the Family Information Service helpline and outreach teams.

We have also received general comments about the Local Offer, website, outreach service and helpline. Sources of these include service feedback surveys and a recent Trafford Parent Forum survey.

Please see our General Comments and Compliments report.


You said

We did

Parent carer

How do people who are not computer literate access the information?

The Family Information Service runs a helpline number Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. The helpline is there to help all families in Trafford, and they can provide information to you over the phone, or send out a list of services to your home address if you do not have access to the internet.

Additionally the FIS outreach officers attend groups, activities and services in the community and have access via their iPads to deal with enquiries. If you would like Outreach to attend a group to answer enquiries around the local offer, please contact us to arrange.

Parent carer


 It is very good but what isn't always good is the information uploaded on it, including the council's own information sometimes.

Please contact us or use the feedback button on the website to inform us that a listing contains out of date information.

The Trafford Directory currently does not have functionality for electronic forms (completed and sent through online) so listings should link through to forms on the main Council website where an e-form is used. Again, let us know if a link is not correct (on either the Council website or Trafford Directory) as we can alter information on either website.



I was struggling to find information I needed on the website, outreach showed us step by step how to add our group to the website

Our outreach team is always happy to help groups in the community access the local offer and Trafford Directory! Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit to your group.



As a professional using the the site to upload events I feel that there could be a quicker or easier way to be my able to fill in the information needed.

New registered user dashboard has been launched and forms simplified. If users are having any difficulties uploading information, please contact us.


Parent carer

EHCP - I have heard there are drop-ins and phone-ins for this service but I could not find the necessary details on the EHCP page. Missed opportunity to engage with parents when they are experiencing difficulty reaching EHCP team and after battling the search on the local offer

The EHC pages have now been redesigned and Parents Forum / SEND Communication and Engagement group are helping the EHC team develop their information guides. New local offer channel will be launched in February 2017 and will be even easier to use. To have a demonstration of the new channel and have your say, please contact us to arrange an outreach visit


Parent carer

There is a great deal of information as to local services but diffcult to identify who to contact in specific areas and links seem to take you around in a circle.

Contact details are included on all listings, and registered users cannot submit listings without at least one form of contact (website, email, social media, telephone).

New local offer channel will be launched in February 2017 and should be easier to use, particularly in finding out about specific listings. To have a demonstration of the new channel and have your say, please contact us to arrange an outreach visit


Parent carer

It is better than it was but all pages still not open yet

Please contact us if you are having difficulty accessing any page.

 Parent carer


Found the directory easy to use I like how you can search by post code


If you put a postcode in the location search the listings will appear automatically in distance order.


Parent carer

Yes really good resource and like the email and SMS facility

When viewing a listing you can use the share function to email or message a link.

This function now includes sharing on Facebook and Linkedin.


Parent carer

Had to trawl through a series of titles to find the information I was looking for. The system seems a bit better now, I am used to how it is set up

New local offer channel will be launched in February 2017 and will be easier to use. To have a demonstration of the new channel and have your say, please contact us to arrange an outreach visit


Parent carer

Very helpful although sometimes you need to try more than once to access the information

We are aware that sometimes error messages can appear or searches appear blank. We have reported this several times to our software / database providers and hopefully this will improve.


Parent carer

You sometimes have to search more headings to find the info you are looking for

If you are entering words in the search bar that does not bring up what you need it to, you can feedback to us and we will keyword that listing so that it will appear when those terms are searched for in the future.

"Keywords" can also include common spelling mistakes, abbreviations etc.


Parent carer

Want to use the website to look for free things to do.

There is a filter for activities that will allow you to search for them by the fact they are free.

Next steps: we are aware that this filter is not being used consistently across the board and will work on improving this functionality.


Parent carer

Didn't find the website very easy to navigate but have found some things to go to.

New local offer channel will be launched in February 2017 and will be easier to use. To have a demonstration of the new channel and have your say, please contact us to arrange an outreach visit


Parent carer

Excellent. When using the website on a mobile the information can be hard to read as the writing overlaps

The Trafford Directory is now fully responsive, if you continue to have these difficulties please contact us.


Parent carer

Parents are sometimes put off leaving feedback as it asks for their contacts, what if they wanted to leave feedback anonymously?

People can leave feedback anonymously at our Feedback button on the website, but we will change the wording on the page to make this clearer.


Parent carer

It is better for the end use if you don't use Council terminology that means little to them like 'local offer'. Regarding a child's SEND requirements, the relationship is with the school and not Council, so I doubt the website will get much usage. My child has received support from the school, but I have never had to look online. The council would be better off funding the local lolly pop man than developing websites that are going to have little usage apart from box checking.

There have been discussions about branding the local offer under a different name, however the term is used across local authorities and we do title it "Trafford Local Offer for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and who are Disabled (SEND)" which explains what the local offer is and will appear in searches with google. Work is ongoing to keyword content based on Google searches that families and young people use.

Additionally the local offer provides a central point of information for Professionals (including Education Professionals) and we regularly update them at meetings, through School's e-bulletin about the content they can use whilst working with families in Trafford.



Been to the Old Trafford Liaison Meeting, everyone loved the colours and the fact it’s bold and friendly to use

Could you make pictures in youth category pages bigger as they are not eye-catching enough?

Templates for pages are fixed. The column on the left displays the filters and subcategories, the column on right displays additional information like related services. Unfortunately this means we cannot make images bigger.

Enabled lightbox functionality that means images in listings can be clicked on to make larger.

Parent carer


It would be useful if the Local Offer website was more visible from the main Trafford homepage without having to type it into the browser

Links to the Local Offer available under Schools and Childrens and Families on Trafford Council website, called Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)


Parent carer

  • There needs to be easier search capabilities - eg if you misspell a word, it brings back results like Google does
  • Make it like Google - suggested phrases, spelling errors

We raised the possibility of a 'Fuzzy Search' as a request to the company that codes the local offer website. Currently this functionality is unavailable but this might be developed in the future.



Parent carer

Text too small

New website was designed early 2014 which featured larger and more accessible text. Full rebrand launched June 2015.

Parent carer

Directory was easier than the advice and guidance pages.

All individual services or activities that make up the local offer can be found using the directory functions. The advice and guidance pages are there to hold further information for both families and professionals. Since June 2015 advice and guidance pages have been searchable by keyword.  

 Parent carer

  • May be difficult for users that have learning difficulties. Accessibility fine for me but poor for LD.
  • Language is a bit jargon driven
  • Information easy to find but it might not be intuitive enough for some parents

The website is constantly being reviewed and we will continue to make the language used easy to understand for all users. Training around "Plain English" is available to all council services.

We will be holding further sessions looking at the website in September 2015 with adults - including those with LD - to hear their views.


For young people - a click through guide to quickly find what they are looking for - eg.

  • I am a 14-16yo
  • I am a 16-18 yo
  • I am a 19-25 yo

I want help with:

  • Housing
  • Education/Training
  • My Health
  • Social Services
  • Finding something to do

Trafford Youthzone has been developed with young people and work is ongoing to make it relevant, easy and engaging for younger audiences: 

Parent carer

Accessibility was okay for me as a parent, but would not be for my child. Simplified version for young people.

Trafford Youthzone has been developed with young people and work is ongoing to make it relevant, easy and engaging for younger audiences:

Parent carer

ASGMA changed to asthma on the iPad autocorrect 

The website works on phones, tablets and personal computers. Autocorrect features on an iPad are related to that specific device.

Parent carer

I was scrolling through the SEN activities section and found it very time consuming - think it would be better if groups were listed alphabetically or via area

Our specialist activities category does contain a large number of listings which can be time consuming to scroll through. However there are a number of ways you can filter down your results to find what you are looking for:

  • Filters on the left hand screen will narrow down your search results by things like day, time, age range, need and post code area.
  • Location based searching - if you put a postcode in the postcode search box the results will bring back everything in distance order from that postcode. You can also narrow the results to within 1, 5 or 10 mile of the postcode.
  • When you look at the whole category the default search order is based on how recently that record has been updated. It is possible to change this so the records are ordered by title. Click on 'title' where it says 'sorted by' in the section at the top of the search results.

Parent carers & Professionals

Recent facelift to the local offer page makes it more attractive. However information pages can be overwhelming and it is unclear from the home page that you need to click on SEN & Disability to access the local offer information pages

Work is continuing to make the information easier, and briefer to digest. New website functionality in June 2015 has allowed us to add content under concertina headings and also use of pictures to make it ‘less text heavy’

Change of icon name from SEN & Disability to SEN and Disability (SEND) Local Offer

Parent carer

Website is great but would like to be able to make multiple choices in narrowing down to postcodes

Changed all appropriate filters to allow more than one selection when narrowing down search results

Parent carers & Professionals

“CYP Services” not necessarily identifiable to parents – what about logo?

Changed CYP Services category so it is called ‘Children and Family Services” and CYPS logo attached to all relevant CYPS services.

Parent carers & Professionals

We would like to see a rate and review for parents to leave their honest experience on activities and services to help other families.

Rate and review functionality added, allowing all users to rate and review any of the services on the directory.

Parent carers & Professionals

From the Disability SEN menu to advice and support could there be another list of choices to narrow the choice to specific needs

Filter added with the following options – as agreed upon by parents: 

  • Autistic spectrum
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Communication impairment
  • Hearing impairment
  • Learning difficulty**
  • Mental health conditions
  • Physical impairment
  • Profound or multiple needs
  • Visual impairment 

**Having received later feedback this filter has been renamed to “Learning disability”

Next steps: We acknowledge more work on the use of this filter is needed. We will establish regular review of this and other filters to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Parent carers & Professionals

Why put expensive and private out of borough special schools before special schools in Trafford?

Order of search results can be changed - by relevance, title and distance. However to make it clearer there are now 2 separate categories – one for special schools in Trafford and one for out of area independent specialist education

Parent carers & Professionals

Perhaps a section titled “commissioned services / kite-marked services” so parents involved with personal budgets can be linked to service providers which have approval by Trafford to provide services

Filter added which allows the user to narrow their search results. See: Services commissioned by or approved by CYPS


The percentage of parent carers, providers and professionals rated the following aspects of the local offer as good or exellent across two surveys:

  • Functionality: 90.60%
  • Ease of Use: 71.36%
  • Accessibility: 71.37%
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