Support for Young People with SEND

Find out what is on offer to help and support you as you become an adult.

Understanding about your experiences is really important to help us improve what is on offer for young people. Why not complete our feedback form to tell us what you think about our website and the services available to help you.


Learning, Employment and Training

Ideas, advice and support for young people leaving school and considering what to do next 


Living Independently

Whether you choose to stay at home with your parents or carers, or you'd like to get a place to live on your own or with friends. There are different housing options to consider depending on the type of support you need.

Learn the benefits of Independent Travel Training and how it can assist you in getting out and about on your own.


Friends, Relationships and Community

Being a teenager and moving into adulthood is an exciting time. Building relationships with others and being part of your communities is important and there are many ways to get started.


Being Healthy

There are many health services locally in and around Trafford. Some services are for everyone. Other services are for people of a specific age and/or who have a specific condition.

Mental Health services for Young People in Trafford




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Last updated: 12/06/2023

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