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SEND Guidance for schools

Children in playground

These are the key national guidance documents produced by government to help schools:


A graduated approach to meeting SEN

Our Graduated approach guidance document explains the provision for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) which should be available.

The Graduated approach guidance also provides the threshold for access to the high needs funding block. Schools will need to demonstrate that the pupils they are putting forward for high needs funding have needs that are significantly outside and beyond those which can be provided for using the delegated mainstream block funding. Evidence of such levels of attainment and needs will still have to be submitted to Trafford on a Family Common Assessment Framework (CAF) together with a provision map. Good provision mapping and the tracking of the outcomes of any interventions offered to the pupil will ensure that settings/schools have this evidence to hand.

Services that support schools

Medical conditions and intimate care

The government has produced statutory guidance and advice to make sure that pupils with medical conditions receive appropriate support in schools. There are also templates which can be used by schools to create individual healthcare plans, keep records relating to administration of medicine and contacting emergency services.

Trafford produce guidance on providing intimate care for children and young people who want to attend a Trafford service or setting and require assistance for intimate care due to their impairment or specific requirements.  

SEN information report

The law says that all schools must publish a SEN Information Report on their website. It should include detailed information about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEN and the arrangements for admission of disabled pupils.

We have worked together with schools and parents to develop an optional template. It can be used by schools to publish their SEN Information Report or as a checklist to make sure they have covered everything in their report. The questions included in the template reflect the information that is important to parents.

SEN policy

Schools must publish a SEN policy. National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN) have an Updating your SEN policy factsheet.

School funding

All mainstream schools and colleges are provided with resources to support those with additional needs. This includes pupils/students with Special Educational Needs and who are Disabled (SEND). The amount of resources received is calculated by a local funding formula. The formula is discussed with our local funding forum and it also applies to local academies.

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