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Local offer feedback

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Trafford’s Local Offer first went live way back in 2014 – such a long time ago! Since then it has undergone many changes mainly because of things you have said to us.

We listen closely to the feedback we receive through surveys, workshops, conferences, focus groups and community outreach work. Your opinions are always welcome. 

We publish your comments about the local offer where they relate to the content, including any gaps in service, and the quality and accessiblity of the information.

Find out more about co-production and how we work with young people, parents and partners in the Voices: Trafford Local Area partnership working report and narratives.


2018: All change again!


We will never stop working to make your Local Offer better for you to use. For now though, here’s a rundown of some of the most recent changes:


Advice and guidance specific to you

Whether you are a parent, a young person, or a professional working with families; you can now view lots of advice pages in our I want some advice section.


Video content

Most young people (and some adults) have said that a directory of services is not how they prefer to find out information. Young people have said they often go to YouTube, or just Google something, to look up things instead. Now have a new I want to watch a video section, as well as a new YouTube channel!

We really hope this will be an easier and more accessible way to find out about a whole range of areas that make up the local offer.

Finally, we are working with two media savvy Trafford parents to develop our own video content to help promote Trafford’s local offer – so keep your eye out for that!


Tailored services and activities

In the past we included many listings of services or activities that are available to children and young people with less specific needs, often called “mainstream” or “universal” services. 

Now under I want to find a service you will find activities and services that are inclusive or more tailored to support children and young people with additional requirements. These more “targeted” or “specialist” listings sit under 9 different categories.   


“Other useful information” Carousel

At the bottom of Trafford’s Local Offer homepage you can still find out latest news, or other relevant information, on a moving carousel.


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