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Voice of the Child Trafford

What's included in this page:


Services who can help and will listen to you

Your Rights in Care

Helpful leaflets about being in Care

What to do if you are unhappy

How we are working to improve Trafford Children's Services

A place for Professionals: resources


Services who can help and will listen to you


Children's  Rights Service                               

Are you a child or young person in care or using aftercare services?

Not feeling listened to?

Unhappy with decisions being made about you?

The Children’s Rights service can help.

Help At Hand Service

The Children's Commissioner service for help support and advice.

Advocacy Focus

An Advocate can help you understand Child Protection proceedings and support you to have your voice heard.

A Child Protection Advocate helps you become more involved when important decisions are being made about your life. They help you have your say during meetings.

Always Heard

National Advocacy Helpline and Safety Net that makes sure all young people in, leaving, and on the edges of care, can get an advocate if you need one. 

If you cannot access Trafford's Advocacy Focus service above (for example too young or out of authority area) here's who to contact. 


Your Rights in Care



See more information on: My Voice Trafford website - Your rights in care


Your Care Plan



Social Services must:-

  • Listen to you and take into account your views. They will give more importance to your views the older you get.
  • Take into account the views of your parents and any other people who are important in your life as well as taking into account your race, religion, culture and language.
  • Make a written care plan when you come into care. They must consult with you and your parents. You should be given a copy of your care plan in a way you understand.


Your Review


Social services must:-

  • hold a review for you within 4 weeks of you coming into care.
  • There should also be a review if you have an unexpected placement move.

The purpose of the review is to discuss your care plan and to update it. You should be invited to the meeting.

Normally reviews happen every six months, they will be run by your independent reviewing officer (IRO). 


Helpful leaflets about being in care



What you can do if you are unhappy



See your How to Complain leaflet and Your CRO leaflet for information.

What kind of things can I complain about?

  • Plans for your future
  • Contact with your family
  • Placement change
  • Staying over with friends
  • Your education
  • Behaviour of your carer or worker

Or anything else which is making you unhappy.


How should I complain?

Contact the Children’s Right Service or someone else you trust.

You can also contact the Trafford complaints officer.


What should I tell them?

  • What and who your complaint is about
  • What you would like doing about it
  • How they can contact you


What will happen next?

We will try to sort out your complaint as quickly as possible. Hopefully it can be sorted out in a couple of days.

If not, you should be offered a meeting to discuss what you are unhappy about. You should get a written response to your complaint in 10 days.

If you are still not happy you can ask for your complaint to be investigated formally.

This will mean that two independent people will look at your complaint. They will speak to you and anyone else involved.

They will then decide if they agree with your complaint or not. This should be done within 25 working days.


 How we are working to improve Trafford Children's Services 


Trafford Children’s Services was inspected by Ofsted March 2019. The inspectors found significant areas where Trafford needs to improve. We have created an action plan to make things better.

See more at your Children and Young People’s Action Plan for Trafford Children's Services

A full version of the Children's Services Improvement Plan can be found at the Council website

An Improvement Board has been set up to make sure the changes are being made. It meets every other month with updates after each meeting.

We set up the Mv Voice Trafford website in response to your feedback.


A place for Professionals: resources and tools


Resources for Professionals includes various tools for working with children or young people to listen to their views and needs, useful leaflets about being in care and video content about coming into care that can be shared.