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Trafford SEND Graduated Approach for Practitioners

Special Educational Needs and Disability

All children and young people in Trafford are entitled to an education that enables them to make progress so that they: 

  • achieve the best possible outcomes
  • become confident individuals with a growing ability to communicate their own views
  • live fulfilling lives
  • make a successful transition into compulsory education if in early years, or if older into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training. 

The Children and Families Act (2014) introduced a new system for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) on 1st September 2014 and the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 years was published as statutory guidance to support it (DfE/DoH, January 2015). There is a strong focus on working with families of children and young people with SEN and those who are disabled to achieve better outcomes.

In line with the reforms Trafford Council produced a Local Offer to keep parents and young people informed about local provision for children and young people 0-25 years with SEN and those who are disabled.

This Graduated Approach guidance is part of Trafford’s SEND Local Offer and has been co-produced by Trafford education, health and social care professionals including SEN Coordinators (SENCOs) and in partnership with parent representatives. This guidance is an update of the one published in October 2014.

It provides good practice for education providers working with children and young people with SEND and explains the support and provision the Local Authority (LA) expects to be available in mainstream settings without recourse to an Education, Health and Care Plan. This meets the Department of Education (DfE) expectation of LAs and it also provides the threshold for access to high needs funding.

If parents or young people are accessing this guidance it should be read alongside a setting’s SEN Information Report (or Local Offer), available on the school or setting's individual listing on the Trafford Directory, showing the implementation of the setting’s policy and provision.

The SEND Code of Practice:0-25 years (2014) and associated guides for early years settings, schools and FE colleges provides guidance on identification and SEN support  should be read alongside this guidance. These can be found using relevant links at SEND advice for Practitioners.

This guidance should not be read as blanket policy.  There will be occasions when discretion needs to be applied to suit individual circumstances.

More about the Graduated Approach:

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Using the Graduated Approach Guidance

- Cognition and Learning

- Communication and Interaction

- Social, Emotional and Mental Health

- Sensory and/or Physical needs

SEND Guidance for education providers: Funding