Your carer's assessment

Who is a carer?

If you are an adult caring for someone over 18 you can ask for a carers assessment. To have a free carer's assessment you must be providing, or going to provide, care for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without your support. You do not need to be the only person providing care for this person.

Trafford Council would not normally do a carer’s assessment for someone who is working as a carer or is a volunteer carer.


Parent carers and young carers

If you are a parent carer caring for a young person under the age of 18, or are yourself a young carer under the age of 18 caring for an adult you can request an assessment. 

If you are eligible the support will start when you or the young person is 18.

To access support for under 18s you can ask for an assessment from Trafford Children's First Response.  


What is a carer’s assessment?

As a carer you have a right under the Care Act 2014 to have your needs considered when decisions are being made about support for the person you care for. This is done by a carer’s assessment, carried out free of charge. You might be referred for an assessment by a professional. You can also ask for a carer’s assessment.

The assessment will look at the impact the care and support you provide is having on your own wellbeing. It will also look at the rest of your life, including the things you want to achieve day-to-day. It must also cover other important issues, such as:

  • Do you want to carry on being a carer?
  • Do you want to work or volunteer?
  • Do you want to do things socially?


How do I get a carer’s assessment?

Carers’ assessments in Trafford are done by Trafford Carers Centre using their online self-referral form.


How much does an assessment cost?

The assessment is free and there is no cost to carer or the person being cared for.


How much does the support cost?

If you have been assessed as having a need for support then there will be no charge for your support.



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Last updated: 21/09/2020

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