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SEND How school and college funding works

Calculator and coins

All mainstream schools and colleges are provided with resources to support those with additional needs. This includes pupils/students with Special Educational Needs and who are Disabled (SEND). The amount of resources they receive is calculated by a local funding formula. The formula is discussed with our local funding forum and it also applies to local academies. Sixth forms receive an allocation based on a national funding formula.


SEN Budget

Schools have an amount identified within their overall budget, called the notional SEN budget. Colleges also have additional funding for students with additional needs including those with SEN. This is included in their main allocation in a ‘single line’ budget.  These budgets in school and college are not ring-fenced amounts and it is for the school or college to provide appropriate high quality SEN support from the whole of their budgets / available resources. Where individual children and young people have more complex needs, the school or college can apply to the local authority for high needs block funding.

Find out more

Find out more in the Funding for SEN in mainstream schools guide produced by Trafford Parent and Young People Partnership Service (PYPPS).

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