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Local offer feedback: Events and activities

From local family support groups to large conferences for parent carers, young people and professionals, we've attended several events to talk to you about how to use the local offer and get your views on the continued development of the local offer.

Many of the following groups, forums and meetings are still taking place. We welcome feedback at these meetings on the development of the local offer, or you could always have your say in other ways. If you would like us to attend your group, school or an event, please contact us.


Parent carer events and meetings

We ran two parent carer workshops to get your views at the start of developing the local offer. Six months later we held a series of Drop Ins across Trafford, held in accessible venues, both during the day and in the evening.

The CAN Parent Advisory Forum was set up to provide a forum between families of children and young people accessing the Complex and Additional Needs (CAN) Team and the professionals who worked with them.

This type of opportunity to share views and provide a way for parent carers and professionals to work together soon became part of the Trafford Parents Forum. We have met with parent carers at a number of different events facilitated alongside the Parents Forum.

Scope’s “Made to Measure” was a two year project that ran until March 2015. The aim was to work in partnership to find out what activities people in Trafford used, or would like to see, and to help develop key services in the local area. They also provided information and tools for families with SEND to pool their personal budgets to access activities and Short Breaks.

We attended two Childrens Working Hearing Services Group (CHSWG) meetings. We attended to discuss the possibility of developing an additional local offer advice and guidance page based around the needs of hearing impaired or deaf children and young people as well as their families.

To meet the requirements of the Care Act and to develop content for 18-25 year olds with SEND we held three sessions to discuss online assessment tools and local offer for adults and older people, leading to the launch of our Adults and Older People channel.

During review of the Short Breaks Eligibility Criteria and Duty Statement, as part of the the commissioning cycle, we also consulted with parents. The current Short Breaks Duty Statement runs until March 2017. As a result of the recent review, the next version of the statement will be produced and co-designed with Trafford Parents Forum to ensure that the format is user friendly, and the content is clear for parents on how short breaks are accessed.

The Downs Syndrome Parent/Carer Group is attended on a termly basis and the local offer is discussed at these forums with parents of children in Mainstream Schools With Downs.

Local groups

We have attended many local groups to talk with parent carers and their families about what is on offer locally. Trafford Family Information Service outreach team have a targeted programme of activity and regularly attend activities with an iPad. This allows them to respond to enquiries, promote the local offer and record feedback through their monitoring processes.

The groups we have attended include:

  • Delamere Toy Library (toy library and sensory/play sessions)
  • High-Functioning (HF) Trafford
  • Autism Trafford
  • Genie Networks Family Chit Chat (d/Deaf and hearing impaired group)
  • The Toy House
  • Trafford Carers Centre
  • Trafford Centre for Independent Living Disability Activity Network
  • Trafford Centre for Independent Living Transitions
  •  The Heroes Project
  • Trafford Disability Activity Network (TDAN)
  • Autistic Society for Greater Manchester Area (ASGMA)

Young people events

Since the launch of the Youth Zone we have worked with many young people and partnerships that support young people in Trafford.

We regularly hold stalls to promote the local offer and Youth Zone at annual Trafford Youth Conferences, Let's Talk SEND Conferences and Trafford Next Steps Conference, for young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. 

We involve groups of young people to shape these conferences. Most recently the focus has been on Preparing for Adulthood - as that is the next theme for the Let's Talk SEND Conference. We have spoken with many young people about their aspirations and goals, what services and activities they use in Trafford and how they would like to find out about things on their local offer.

We have been involved in the planning of Trafford Youth Trust, a partnership that support commissioning of services for young people and which includes youth representation on the Board. We have met Trafford Youth Cabinet several times, and most recently have been discussing how their offer can meet their priorities, such as improved information around Mental Health early help services.   

We have attended youth groups, including meeting young people who go to Trafford Centre for Independent Living Transitions service, FLAIR (Mental Health and Wellbeing services run by BlueSci) and Young Carers groups.

Young people were involved in the recent work to redesign our CAMHS mental health service which has now been relaunched as Healthy Young Minds. You can read about what they thought and how this influenced the future service design in Healthy Young Minds Engagement 2016.

Schools and colleges

The local offer available in Trafford is used by a wide range of professionals. Regular work with educational professionals supports them to use and promote the local offer in Trafford with their families, as well as providing a mechanism for feedback to continue to shape the local offer to better meet need.

Primary and Secondary SENCO Forums (College included), as well as Early Years SENCO Forums, are held termly in February, June and October. We also work with the SEND Early Years Network in Trafford and have attended the Greater Manchester Special Schools Leadership conference.

The FIS outreach team attend school fairs, open days, coffee mornings and parent evenings to promote the Local Offer and SEND Information for Schools, Trafford College Supported Learning team and early years settings (including SEN information reports, Early Years local offers). Childcare Advisors also help support Early Years settings, and regularly feedback about the local offer.

A number of independent specialist education providers have also been included on the local offer, and meetings arranged where appropriate to discuss their content.

Professionals and providers

Following meetings and training events, the local offer is used by multiagency professionals in Trafford working with families, and staff have a link to the local offer homepage on their mobile devices or include information about the local offer in their packs. Teams include:

  • Complex and Additional Needs (CAN) team
  • Trafford Early Development Service (TEDS) and Portage home visits
  • Special Education Needs Advisory Service (SENAS)
  • Education Health and social Care (EHC) team
  • Sensory team
  • Parent and Young People Partnership Service (PYPPS)
  • Children Centres and Early Help Hubs
  • Family Information Service outreach

We also attend team meetings to discuss changes and gain feedback on the local offer. Regular meetings about SEND are held that includes the input of education, health and social care professionals. These have included:

  • SEND Reform Steering Group
  • Pathfinder Executive
  • Education, Health and Social Care professionals event
  • Sensory Team and Workforce Development local offer training events
  • Short Breaks Review Professionals event

We also have representation to discuss the Local Offer on:

  • SEND Board
  • SEND Communication and Engagement group
  • Early Intervention and Prevention subgroup

Additionally we speak to a wide range of people at dedicated Provider marketplace events. These have included:

  • SEND Pathfinder Stakeholder Event
  • Independent Supporters
  • Scope: Host Provider Workshops
  • Short Breaks Review Provider event
  • Trafford CIL TDAN provider event

We regularly speak to local Providers about the local offer including how to best make links between services, streamline the access to information located on the local offer and promote to families. We attend meetings, give training and demonstrations as well as meet involved partners in a range of different areas.

National and regional events

Improving information for families (DfE / Family & Childcare Trust)
North West 'Making It Personal' Seminar
Co-production workshop - Birmingham
 Regional Champion event - Warrington
FIS and the SEND Reforms - Family & Childcare Trust
North-West Regional Conference
Impact Local Offer - Manchester
Parental Engagement - Manchester
Autism Show
Local Offer action learning event
NW Regional Pathfinder Event
SEND Pathfinder - Oldham

Other communications

23/02/2015 Local Offer week on Social Media (Twitter / Facebook)
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