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Trafford Council Supported Lodgings

What is Supported Lodgings?

Trafford Supported Lodgings Scheme is part of Trafford's Children and Young People's Service. The scheme recruits local people - 'Lodgings Providers' who can provide safe, secure and supportive accommodation within their own homes to young people aged 16-25. The young people may be in supported lodgings for a variety of reasons e.g. leaving care, family breakdown, bereavement, risk of harm - but all require emotional support and practical guidance in order to develop the skills and confidence to live independently.

Who can be a Lodgings Provider?

Young people come from all walks of life so we need Lodgings Providers from a variety of backgrounds. You may be:

  • A family, single person or couple
  • From any ethnic background
  • Young or old
  • Working or not working
  • With or without children
  • Heterosexual, lesbian, gay or bisexual
  • Disabled or able-bodied

To ensure that safety of young people we carry out a range of police, health and other checks.

Do I need any special skills or qualities?

Being a Supported Lodgings Provider is not about having any particular qualifications but we ask that you:

  • Get on with teenagers and enjoy their company
  • Can provide a clean, comfortable room within a safe and secure home
  • Are warm, caring and patient
  • Have a non-judgemental attitude
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of individual young people
  • Want to help a young person succeed

What's in it for me?

  • A rewarding experience - being a Lodgings Provider can give you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are making a positive difference to the life of a young person.
  • Support and training - The scheme will offer you training and support to help you in your role of Lodgings Provider.
  • An opportunity to earn some extra money - Lodgings Providers receive financial support.

Who to contact

0161 912 3507
Related Organisation
Children in Care Service

Where to go

Name of Venue
Trafford Town Hall
Venue Address
Talbot Road
M32 0TH

Who is it for?

From age 16 to 25 years old

How to use this service

Referral Required?
Last updated date:
23 September 2020

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