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Solihull Approach

Currently available to all parents in Trafford is the log in for The Solihull Parenting programme The Solihull Approach aims to improve emotional health and wellbeing by supporting relationships. The courses are written by CAMHS professionals with other health and education workers. They are evidence based and accredited by the DfE.

Courses include: 

Prepare for pregnancy, labour, birth and having a relationship with your baby

The online antenatal course is about becoming a parent has content by Registered Midwives and Health Professionals. The course has been designed for everyone in your ‘birth team’: mum to be, dad to be, birth partner, partner, grandparent etc.

This course is available in Welsh and that there is also a version for women couples.

Understanding your baby

The online postnatal course is for everyone around a new baby: supporting you and the new arrival from birth to 12 months. This course gives you information about your baby’s brain development and your baby’s physical and emotional development. It shows how important your relationship with the baby is for the baby’s development. 

Understanding your child

‘Understanding your child’ is for mums and dads and grandparents or anyone around a child aged 6 months to 19 years.  Parents often say they feel calmer, more confident and have a better relationship with their child after completing the course.

This course is available in Urdu, Modern Standard Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Polish and Bulgarian.

Understanding your teenager's brain

Find out what happens to the brain as a child hits adolescence in this short course.

Many mothers, fathers and families have contributed to the development of the courses and we hope you enjoy understanding more about your child as a result.

Understanding your brain

This course is for teenagers only!

Understaning your child with additional needs

This online course is for parents with a child with additional needs. It is for parents, relatives and friends of children who may have a physical or learning disability or who may have autistic traits.

In the UK, you may be within the SEND (Special educational needs and disability) system. Some parents describe their child as differently abled, or neuroatypical/neurodiverse.

This course is in 2 sections.

Level 1 lays the foundation for understanding your child.

Level 2 looks at some particular aspects of parenting: sleeping and anger management, together with more about how we interact with each other. Understanding this can make it easier to work with your child's behaviour as well as supporting their development.

Once you finish Level 1 you can progress to Level 2 if you'd like to.  


How do I access the courses 

Access the courses through the In Our Place website 

When prompted enter the Access Code: WATERPARK

Find out more about accessing the courses and frequently asked questions

our place

For any technical queries please contact or 0121 296 4448


If you have any comments, compliments or suggestions for improvement about any of the courses please send them to

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