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Trafford Speech and Language Therapy (Children and Young People)

The team works in partnership with parents, carers, professionals and voluntary groups to make sure our clients get the support that is right for them.

Speech and language therapists assess, diagnose and treat people who have speech, language and communications needs and feeding difficulties. We do this in a variety of places, including children's centres, clinics and schools.

If the child's language needs are such that they can't be met by this team then The Language Outreach Service provides a Specialist Speech and Language Therapy service to pupils with persistent, severe and complex language and communication needs impacting on their ability to access the curriculum. The service is provided to pupils in mainstream primary schools, from Reception to Year 6.  

Who to contact

0161 912 2592
Extra details


Where to go

Name of Venue
Sale Waterside
Venue Address
1st Floor
Waterside Plaza
M33 7ZF

Who is it for?

From birth to 18 years or 25 years for disabled young people

How to use this service

Referral Required?
Referral Details

Professionals can use the referral form to refer to this service. There are also pre-involvement questionnaires which can be completed by the school SENCO or class teacher ahead of the speech and language assessment. See downloads section.

If you have any questions about the changes to this service, please contact Linda or Lesley in the Speech and Language Therapy Department on 0161 912 2592.

Cost Information

How accessible is this service?

Further Details

Speech and Language Therapists would like to prompt EY practitioners and schools to refer children into SLT rather than asking parents to self-refer, as the quality of the information received from practitioners helps us to triage the referrals appropriately.

  1. EY practitioners/schools refer into SLT through a written/printed SARF (Single agency referral form) including additional information (the Pre-involvement questionnaire) or parents self-refer. Please note that parents’ mobile number(s) and email address are required on the Pre-involvement questionnaire. Information on the Pre-involvement questionnaire enables the referral to be triaged appropriately. If this additional information is not included the referral will not be processed and it will be returned to the referrer.
  2. Parents are asked to opt in.
  3. Once parents have opted in they are placed on a clinic waiting list.
  4. SLT completes a telephone assessment with parents within 4 weeks.
  5. Children are offered an assessment, review, strategies, group or discharge following the telephone assessment.

Please note: Children/parents requiring an interpreter will not be asked to opt in and will be offered a clinic appointment with an interpreter.

Last updated date:
19 November 2018


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