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* Trafford Sensory Services Team for Adults

Trafford Sensory Services Team aims to support adults living in Trafford to live as independently as possible at home.

We can offer you an assessment of your needs if you are having problems with:

Sensory-People with hearing loss or deafness.

  • Hearing voices on the TV.
  • Hearing voices on the telephone or hearing the telephone ring.
  • Hearing a standard smoke alarm (in conjunction with Manchester Fire and Rescue Service).
  • Hearing callers at the door.
  • Missing alarm calls due to being unable to hear your alarm clock.

If you, or someone you care for, find some tasks difficult because of sight and hearing loss, we can offer an assessment and then work with you to explore how your needs may be met.

We also offer support to families and carers if you need services provided by other workers (e.g. Benefits Advice, help with day to day activities) we can make referrals to those other workers.

Sensory Team - People with a visual impairment

The service is for anyone living in Trafford who is experiencing problems with everyday activities due to significant sight loss. You do not need to be registered blind or partially sighted to use the service. We provide information, support and advice to people in their own homes. We offer advice and assistance on a range of subjects, including:

  • Aids and services to help people with non-correctable sight loss
  • How to manage better in your home
  • How learning new skills can help
  • Difficulties linked with sight loss

This is for adults over the age of 18 years. For Children and Young People Services (CYPS) please see:

Who to contact

0161 912 4450

Where to go

Venue Address
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH
Last updated date:
28 April 2021

We strongly suggest contacting the service or activity before you use it. This way you can check all the details are correct and that everything is right for you. Trafford Directory disclaimer


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