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Trafford Parents Forum

Trafford parents supporting Trafford parents who have children and young people with SEN, Disability and/or additional needs.

Why are we here?

Being the parent or carer of a child with special needs can be a lonely, demanding and frustrating experience. We believe it is vital that parents have a meaningful voice, in these difficult times, and we are working towards a real partnership of parents and professionals, in the key areas that affect us. 

Apart from the big stuff, we also want the forum to be a source of help, advice and support for parents. That could be anything from a cup of coffee to parent training.

The forum is open to all parents and carers of Trafford’s children and young people (0 -25) with Special Education Needs or who are disabled. 

How to get involved

The forum meets at regular intervals to discuss the issues within Trafford that affect our children and us. We realise, of course, that for many parents, attending meetings is not a realistic option and we use a range of means to keep as many parents as possible in the information loop. 

If you are happy to receive information via email, you can join our list of parents who keep up to date by looking into their computer inbox. We have a Facebook page: SPIT Trafford, where you can find the latest parent related information from the forum and beyond. We also send out flyers on important topics, via the schools. 

Whether you want to be an active member of the forum or just want to be in the know about what is happening in Trafford that affects you and your child, we’d love to hear from you.

Who to contact

0161 872 0183
Trafford Parents Forum Website

Where to go

Name of Venue
Oakland House
Venue Address
Ground Floor East
Talbot Road
Old Trafford
M16 0PQ

Who is it for?

Supporting People With
Learning disability
Mental health conditions
Autistic Spectrum
Communication impairment
Physical impairment
Challenging Behaviour
Profound or Multiple Needs
Hearing impairment
Visual impairment


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