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Airkix Indoor Sky Diving

Airkix works simply and safely. The tunnel circulates air into a flight chamber. To enter the tunnel you simply stand in the open doorway and lean forward. You will feel your legs lifted from under you as you assume a horizontal flying position. Congratulations, you are now flying!

The instructor will help you get into a neutral flying position before teaching you the basic moves. Movements including going up and down, forwards, backwards, sideways and turning are all simple and easy to master and you will soon be learning new tricks!

  • Early bird Kix Start - If you can fly when others are less likely to fly you and the group will enter the tunnel and take it in turns to fly. Each get 2 flights of 1 minute each - the same as 3 tandem skydives.
  • Kix Start - This experience offers the same as above together with a full briefing, gear hire and 2 flights of 1 minute each. This needs to be booked at a time specified by the centre.
  • Air born - This offers double the flight time of the Kix start experience. You will really get the hang of it and will start to make some impressive progress.
  • Learn to fly - There are 10 basic levels of flight and this course is designed for high achievers who need more than just a taster, it's perfect for those wishing to get into skydiving. You'll fly for a total of 10 minutes and coaching is included, so you'll soon be flying like a pro.
  • Family Flight - Specially designed for family groups of up to 5. All of you attend class and you share the 10 minutes of flight between you. We also include a free DVD of your flights for the family to take home.

Who to contact

0845 331 6549
iFLY UK website

Where to go

Name of Venue
Chill Factore
Venue Address
Trafford Way
M41 7JA

Who is it for?

From 4 years to 104 years

How accessible is this service?

Further Details

Please see the Rough Guide to accessible Britain review

Last updated date:
21 September 2020

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