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The Fairbridge Programme

Ready to do something different with your life? The Fairbridge programme combines one-to-one support and group activities, delivered by a dedicated team in a Prince's Trust Centre.

With one-to-one support as well as group activities, our dedicated staff will support you to stabilise your life and build the skills you need to move forward.

  • Try new things, from music production to rock climbing
  • Meet new people and learn new skills
  • Boost your confidence and achieve your goals

The programme begins with a five day Access course. You will be doing challenging and adventurous activities at The Prince’s Trust Centre as well as staying away from home for a couple of days somewhere completely different.

The programme continues for as long as it’s needed and, once ready, you will be supported in moving on to a positive step or outcome. It is your choice to join the programme, your choice to stay on it and you will not be made to do anything you don't want to.

The Fairbridge programme does not have rules. What it does have are conditions of attendance:

  • No alcohol
  • No drugs (of any type)
  • No violence (this includes any form of bullying)
  • No exclusive relationships (this includes sexual relationships and friendships that exclude others)

Who to contact

0800 842 842
Related Organisation
Prince's Trust

Who is it for?

16 years to 25 years

How to use this service

Referral Required?
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How accessible is this service?

Further Details

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Last updated date:
14 September 2017


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