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Collaborative Women UK Housing Projects

Collaborative Women UK provide safe homes and life empowerment training for single women aged 18-30 (upper age limit flexible) from BAME backgrounds (typically, but not exclusively) to help them forge an independent & sustainable future.

The Collaborative Women Model has been purposely developed to provide accommodation for young women fleeing abuse/ gender based violence from all sections of the community.

We provide high quality peer group accommodation and intensive housing management services (which includes life skills training) to vulnerable women sufferers of gender based violence. We:

  • Understand the housing and support needs of women fleeing violence.
  • Have skilled staff team to deliver specialised intensive housing management services and the ability to access additional relevant partner support services who are able to deliver the services not provided by CW staff
  • Ensure that service users have a meaningful stake in our organisation by ensuring that they influence decisions relevant to themselves as well as the day-to-day functioning of the accommodation where they live
  • Ensure that the culture and lifestyle of our accommodation reflects the culture, lifestyle, wishes, and aspirations of those who live there
  • Create and promote opportunities for people to access community and educational facilities that are both realistic and appropriate
  • Provide information and skills required for individuals to make informed and realistic choices and decisions

Who to contact

07828 507372 (Jan)
07932 415635 (Grace)
Collaborative Women UK

Where to go

Name of Venue
Collaborative Women UK
Venue Address
Venue Notes

Collaborative Women UK are a Stretford based Community Interest Company.

We currently provide accommodation in Trafford. Our accommodation is independent living with intensive support for women fleeing gender focused abuse. 

Who is it for?

18 to 30 (flexible upper age limit)
Eligibility Details

Collaborative Women is a women-only facility which is of significant value to the clients as it eliminates the possibility of sexual abuse from the opposite sex within the domestic environment. The criteria for accessing our service is as follows. Clients will: 

  • be single Females aged between 18-30 (upper age limit flexible).

  • not have children living with them or be pregnant

  • be fleeing gender based violence

  • have no current history of alcohol or substance abuse?

           (i.e. not leading a chaotic lifestyle)

  • have no current issues regarding anti-social behaviour?

  • not have committed an act of violence (physical or sexual) against another person

  • not be a schedule 1 offender

  • not have any history of arson

 N.B. Priority given to women from BAME backgrounds


How to use this service

Referral Required?
Referral Details

You can find a referral form on the front page of our website

or via HOST - Housing Options Service Trafford

Cost Information
Rent set in line with affordability

How accessible is this service?

Further Details

Access to accommodation can be discussed upon receipt of referral

Last updated date:
13 November 2020

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