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* Parenting Courses

Coronavirus update

Parenting courses including Incredible Years and Riding the Rapids generally start January, April and September but due to COVID-19 the April courses had to be postponed. This means there may be a slightly longer wait to access a course.

Riding the Rapids and Incredible Years courses have started being delivered online since September. As soon as it is safe to deliver in person again this will happen.

For queries on parenting please email or to make a parenting referral please email which is a new inbox which has been established for these referrals.

To make a referral for early help more generally please continue to use

Please note that Trafford Early Help hubs are now offering the ‘Toddler Incredible Years Programme’ as a virtual 12- 14 week parenting programme aimed at parents and carers of children aged between 12 months to 3 yrs. If you would like further details, please contact Jeanette Gormley or Helen Kleanthous on 0161 912 2122/5020. The group is accessible by referral only.


Online Courses

Solihull Approach logo

The early help commissioning team have now launched 4 online parenting courses via the Solihull Approach:

  • Understanding your pregnancy birth labour and your baby

  • Understanding your baby

  • Understanding your child

  • Understanding your teenagers’ brain (short course)

  • Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!)
  • Understanding your child with additional needs

Access to these courses is FREE for all Trafford residents: with access code: waterpark (not case sensitive)

Trafford parents can access these courses whilst they are at home with children during this period and beyond. 

For any technical queries please contact: or call 0121 296 4448

For for any other questions please contact:


The Incredible Years

Incredible years logo

The Incredible Years® is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programs for parents, children, and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The goal is to prevent and treat young children's behavior problems and promote their social, emotional, and academic competence. The programs are used worldwide in schools and mental health centers, and have been shown to work across cultures and socioeconomic groups.

Baby Incredible Years

For parents/main carers of babies up to 1 year old.  Designed to support parents with their babies, offering ideas and techniques to deal with common challenges.

Toddler Incredible Years

For parents of children aged 1-3 years old.

This will focus on strengthening the parent-child relationship whilst implementing consistent boundaries.                                                 

Please note that in order to be delivered, current demand for the above two courses will need to increase, so they may not be readily available at time of referral.

The following courses are delivered Trafford wide by Senior Family Support Practitioner and various other professionals:

Basic Incredible Years

For parents of children aged 3-8 years.

This will help promote children’s social and emotional development as well as provide techniques to explore developmental milestones, ensuring appropriate boundaries and behaviour management techniques are in place.  



For parents of children aged 8 to 16. Aims to empower parents/carers to live and communicate with older children harmoniously.                                                                                     


Riding the Rapids

Riding the Rapids Logo

For parents of children aged up to 11 with a diagnosis of autism/on the ND pathway (so in the process of getting a diagnosis). This is an Early Help intervention which is aimed at parents/carers of children with mild to moderate behavioural difficulties. Aims to improve the quality of life and emotional well-being of children and their families.          

Please note that the above courses are very likely to take place across weekly daytime sessions lasting approximately 2 hours each.  All referrals will be screened for suitability and places are not guaranteed due to waiting times and capacity.


Referrals- Early Help Panels

Panels will now take place Monday – Thursday 9am-10am, via Microsoft Teams, each focussing on a different locality within Trafford.

Monday - West Locality

Tuesday - North Locality

Wednesday - Central Locality

Thursday - South Locality

The aim is that each panel will develop local intelligence and a membership that is reflective of the area children, young people and families live, with key members including; Children’s Services, Commissioning, Health (School Nurse/Health Visiting), CAMHS, SEND, Education, Housing, Alcohol and Substance Misuse services, Domestic Abuse services, Police, 3rd Sector and Voluntary organisations

Panels will

  •  Ensure early identification of emerging needs or trends within the community, so information is timely and coordinated among agencies as appropriate, and enable informed commissioning.
  • Embed the approach the Early Help is everyone’s business and enable agencies and families to become experts on where to go for help and advice, what is currently available and what people selves.

For Further Information Please contact one of the Senior Family Support Practitioners below.

Who to contact

0161 912 5020 Stretford Early Help Hub
0161 912 2122 Partington Early Help Hub
Last updated date:
24 June 2021

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