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* Life Coaching - Coaching Inside and Out (CIAO)

Coronavirus update

In response to Covid-19 Coaching Inside and Out are no longer offering face to face support and will be delivering all activities remotely and digitally including the use of video chat and telephone support for individuals.

Coaching Inside and Out have no waiting list at present and can pick up referrals straight away, but this will be for digital rather than face to face support and so please make this clear to anyone you refer to the service.

CIAO are also expanding their offer for any parent/young person aged 13+ who is feeling uncertain, wobbly or anxious at the present time and would like to have an hour, on the phone or by video call, with a coach, to explore their thoughts- individuals can contact the service directly via or on 07903210970.

Professionals can also contact the service using these details to find out more about what the service can offer at this time.

About our Service

Work with a coach to bring about change in your life

We offer life coaching to adults and young people across Trafford. But what is life coaching?

Life coaches focus on the future, not the past, and help individuals discover their own answers about what's holding them back. Life coaches ask: "What do you want to change?"

Other Trafford residents who have had coaching say it has given them greater confidence as well as helping them put their ideas into action. So they have gone on to get jobs, get fitter, manage money better, improve relationships and so much more. That's why it's called ‘life coaching’ - it helps in whatever areas of life each person wants to improve.

Clients can have up to 10 x 1 hour sessions of one to one coaching. These begin weekly but clients will then decide the schedule with their coach. Clients meet their coach in a private room in a public building anywhere in Trafford that is convenient for them.

Who to contact

07903 210970
Coaching Inside and Out

Where to go

Venue Notes

We work out of a range of community centres, church halls, libraries and other venues across Trafford. When you are signed up and allocated a coach we will find out where suits you best to meet and find a suitable venue nearby.

When is it on?

Days & Times
Our coaches are flexible and can work day or evening, weekday or weekend.

Who is it for?

We work with adults and young people from 13yrs upwards.
Eligibility Details

When assessing suitability for coaching, we ask:

  • What do you want to change? Coaching is forward-focused activity so people must want to make a change or changes in their life
  • Are you willing? Coaching can be challenging and require people to think differently about themselves and try out new activities or ways of thinking.
  • Are you well enough? Coaching is driven by the client not the coach so they must be able to have their head in the room to do the thinking required to bring about change.

In exploring these areas of eligibility, we may decide that people are ready for coaching right away or not ready for coaching right now but may be later (for example they may have other commitments at the time).

Everyone who is referred into the service will have a face to face meeting with a project Coordinator for both parties to decide together if coaching is a good fit.

How to use this service

Referral Required?
Referral Details

We accept referrals from any professional working with families or vulnerable young people.

We also accept self-referrals if you feel you are in need of urgent life-coaching support. Please contact us directly so we can talk you through our eligibility and see if life-coaching is suitable for you.

Cost Information
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How accessible is this service?

Further Details

If a client has any additional needs, this will be picked up at the point of assessment by the project coordinator and any additional accessibility needs will be put in place, for example, we are able to coach deaf people through an interpreter if required.

Last updated date:
14 December 2020

We strongly suggest contacting the service or activity before you use it. This way you can check all the details are correct and that everything is right for you. Trafford Directory disclaimer


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