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I am a Parent Carer

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

This is where you will find local offer advice pages aimed at helping you as a parent carer of a child or young person with SEND.

If you are looking for more in depth information on the Graduated Approach or Trafford's policies and procedures please visit our Practitioner area.

If you can't find what you are looking for or think there is something missing, please let us know by completing our feedback form.

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I am worried about my child's progress

What are Special Educational Needs

Key words and meanings

Helping your child with daily activities, advice and support from Trafford Children's Therapy Service (Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy)

Role of the SENCO


Early Years

Helping your child at home in early years

Your child's progress in the Early Years (0-5)

Early Years childcare

What to expect from your early years provider - Graduated Approach

Speech and language support in early years


School or College

What to expect from your school - Inclusive Quality First and the Graduated Approach

How school and college funding works

Small specialist classes in Trafford schools


Diagnosis and Support

Trafford Autism and Social Communication (TASC) Pathway

Services for Children, Young People and Adults with Autism

Trafford Combined ADHD Service (TCAS)


Needs Assessment

Information for those applying for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment

Self referral form for Needs Assessment (with prompts)


EHC Plan

Information and guidance for those being issued an EHC Plan

Guide to what to expect and when

SEND specialist primary schools

SEND specialist secondary schools

Personal Budgets

EHC Annual reviews


Independent Advice and Support

Independent advice and support

Disagreement Resolution, Mediation & SEND Tribunal


Short Breaks

including activities, weekend, holiday and youth clubs

Short Breaks explained

Short Breaks Duty Statement


Preparing for Adulthood

Help for young people looking to find employment and training, live independently and manage health and relationships


Local Offer Explained

What is the Local Offer?

How SEND is managed in Trafford


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