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EHC for Parent Carers - Annual Reviews

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

What is an Annual Review?

An annual meeting takes place to review how well your child or young person is reaching their outcomes. Expect to look at:

  • your child or young person's strengths and needs
  • what is working well
  • what else needs to be done to achieve the outcomes

Interim or early reviews can be arranged in circumstances where the majority of the current EHC is no longer appropriate. The school is responsible for organising the review and sending out invites. You should get 2 weeks notification before the review meeting. You will be asked to complete a form which will contribute your views.

EHC Coordinators do not attend every review, however we can support you through the process. The school will send us all recommendations from the meeting within two weeks. Your EHC Coordinator will prioritise Year 6 and Year 11 reviews or any urgent situations that require immediate attention.


When should an EHCP be amended?

An amendment to an existing Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan should usually occur after an annual review when there are significant changes identified to the current EHC Plan. (SEND code of practice 2015, section 9.193-8, page 201)

Education, Health and Care Plans will always be amended in preparation for a child or young person moving onto their next phase of education (e.g. infant to junior, junior/primary to secondary), subject to the EHC Plan remaining appropriate, which should be discussed at the annual review meeting.

The EHC Plan may be amended at other times, e.g. a change of needs, following a change of address or school, or where there are changes in health or social care provision resulting from minor or specific changes in the child or young person’s circumstances.

The one page profile can be updated to reflect any necessary changes and the decision on whether a plan should be updated will be based on the paperwork submitted to the Local Authority following the annual review.

The Code of Practice states that EHC Plans are not expected to be amended on a very frequent basis.


Personal Budgets

The Children and Families Act says there are 2 key points when a parent or young person is entitled to ask for a personal budget:

  1. When the draft EHC plan is being prepared
  2. When the EHC plan is being reviewed or re-assessed

Young people that have an EHC plan and have completed Year 11 have the right to request a personal budget in their own right.

Read more in the SEND Personal Budgets page.



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