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Trafford Directory is part of Trafford Family Information Service (FIS). Our Privacy Policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you register with or use this website.

Additional privacy information for parent carers applying for short breaks provision, or requiring childcare brokerage through the Family Information Service and parent carers who have requested to receive our termly Link newsletter.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect information about you when you register with us or are registered with Ofsted. We also collect information when you voluntarily complete customer surveys, provide feedback and participate in competitions.


How will we use the information about you?

When you register an account with us you will be asked for your name, email and a password. These details are kept securely and are not visible on the website. Only Trafford FIS have access to these details and information will not be shared.

Your account details are used for the purpose of maintaining your data. We also use this information to monitor log-in and update activity.

We analyse data provided by you in your record(s) to monitor aspects of Trafford Directory including, but not limited to:

  • Geographical coverage of services
  • Childcare sufficiency and place planning
  • Average childcare costs

When you register with Ofsted or CQC, Trafford (FIS) receive a feed directly from Ofsted/CQC to alert us that you have set up a new provision in the area. You do not need to register on Trafford Directory until we have processed this and sent you an email explaining what to do next.

Once registered on Trafford Directory, your data is handled exactly as stated in the section above.


Access to your information and correction

You have the right to request a copy of any information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy please email or call us on 0161 912 1053.

We want to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate.


Direct updates

We would like to send childcare providers the e-bulletin “In The Loop” which highlights news and helpful information that may be of interest to you. If you have consented to receive this you may opt out at a later date. We would also like to send information on any new government legislation.

If you do not wish to receive this bulletin or any other information updates contact

Data retention 

Our retention schedule outlines how long we retain certain types of information for. (See downloads to the right)



Like most websites we use 'cookies' to collect anonymous statistics about how people use the site, and to help us keep it relevant for the user. Cookies 'remember' bits of information from your visit to the site.

A cookie is a simple text file that's stored on your computer or mobile device by a website's server. Only that server can retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. So if we put a cookie on your computer, it can't be read by any other website.

We use two types of cookie:

  • 'session cookies' last as long as your current visit to the site, or for up to a limited amount of time if you keep the site open without using it. They mean you don't have to keep re-submitting information as you move through the site or carry out transactions.
  • 'persistent cookies' remember information from previous visits, for example names and details for online forms. They are used to collect anonymous statistics about how many people use the site, and to maintain any settings (such as accessibility) you have changed.

You can change your computer settings at any time to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies. How you do this depends on your web browser.

Find out more at


Other websites

Our website contains links to other websites. This Privacy Policy only applies to this website so when you link to other websites you should read their own Privacy Policy.


Rate and Review

Anyone who has used activities or services listed on Trafford Directory can leave a review, rating or comment, anonymously, via our Rate and Review system. Before you leave a review we ask that you take a few minutes to read our review guidelines so you can write a fair review and help other Trafford Directory users to make the best decisions for their family.

Review Guidelines

Fair, Balanced and Genuine

All reviews must be fair, balanced and based on genuine experiences. We take false and malicious reviews seriously and try to ensure that reviews published on our platform are genuine.

First-hand, Detailed and Helpful

Trafford FIS and all of our Directory users care about the quality of service they can expect to receive. The more information a reviewer can add that is relevant, first-hand and helpful, the better.

We do ask that you only provide reviews based on experiences you’ve had. Any irrelevant content may be removed

Be Mindful of your Personal Information

Trafford Directory reviews will be published on the internet, so it's best to generalise parts of your review in order to keep any personal information safe.

• For example use DD (Darling Daughter) or DS (Darling Son) instead of your children's names.

• Don't mention specific times and location names


Family Friendly

Please keep all reviews family friendly. Do not use expletives or inappropriate and aggressive language. Reviews that are deemed unsuitable won’t be published.


Provider Responses

A provider has the right to reply to any feedback received and can leave a comment on the Directory in response. 

Under exceptional circumstances, where there are serious concerns about information received about a service, Trafford FIS will try to contact the reviewer to see if they would like the provider to respond directly to their comments/concerns. The best way of resolving disputes is by both sides opening up a direct dialogue with each other.

We do not share any personal details with the provider and will always obtain consent before passing any personal information along.

Review Terms & Conditions

  • All reviews must comply with these guidelines and the full Trafford Directory Privacy Policy.
  • Trafford FIS reserves the right to reject, edit or remove any review, at our sole discretion without reason, if a review fails to comply with these guidelines or if it is any other way deemed unsuitable.
    • Reviews related to payment or contractual disputes will not be published.
    • Reviews containing allegations of criminal offences will not be published and must be reported to the relevant authorities.


Report any Concerns

It's really important that if you have any serious concerns about anyone listed on the Trafford Directory that you report them to us as quickly as possible.

In England you can report any concerns about an Ofsted registered childcare provider or school to Ofsted or by calling 0300 123 1231.

If you have any immediate concerns about your safety or the safety of a child or another person then you should call the Police using the emergency services number 999.


Provider responses

A provider has the right to reply to any feedback received and can leave a comment on the website in response. 

Under exceptional circumstances, where there are serious concerns about information received about a service, Trafford FIS will try to contact the person who left a review to see if they would like the provider to respond directly to their comments / concerns.

We do not share any personal details with the provider and will always obtain consent before passing any personal information along.


SEND Local offer feedback report

Under the SEND Code of Practice we are legally obliged to publish any comments we have received about our local offer, especially if they relate to:

  • the content of the local offer, including quality of existing services and any gaps
  • accessibility of information in the local offer
  • how the local offer has been developed or reviewed.

Reviews, ratings and comments are published annually on the website at the Local Offer Feedback report. The information published only contains the content of the review alongside the service or activity name.


Usage analytics

Trafford FIS monitors usage of the website every quarter using Google Analytics. This allows us to analyse how visitors to the website use Trafford Directory and what content is popular. We use this information to constantly improve our site based on what you are looking at and how you are looking at it.

Overall number of visitors, page views and sessions are reported to the Trafford Partnership and more detailed quarterly reports of usage are produced within Trafford FIS to help us monitor the website. These include demographic information, what key words are used to find information on the site, and the types of device people are using to access the site.

These reports are based on aggregate figures only, never contain any personal information and do not identify individual patterns of use of the site.


Changes to our privacy policy

We keep our Privacy Policy under regular review and will place any updates on this web page. This Privacy Policy was last updated in May 2018.


How to contact us

By email:

By phone: 0161 912 3237

Or write to us at: Family Information Service | Trafford Council | 2nd Floor Waterside House | Sale | M33 7ZF


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Last updated: 05/10/2023

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